Nicholas "Nicky" Haug  was born and raised in Kansas City's Northland.  He started working in his mother's pizza place when he was 10.  Nick has a well rounded restaurant background, which includes bartending, running a kitchen and general management of pubs, hotels, and nightclubs.  It has been a lifelong dream to open his own restaurant, with his own concepts. When the right opportunity presented itself, he jumped at the chance to open Nicky's Pizza.  Although pizza is their specialty with the made from scratch dough, their family recipes for  dressings, marinades and sandwiches are also part of Nicky's allure.  Nicky's Nani even comes in weekly to make homemade meatballs! Everything at Nicky's is housemade, with the freshest ingredients.  

When you come to Nicky's you can definitely feel the love.  With a casual atmosphere, where neighbors meet neighbors and a friendly and attentive staff greet you at the door..... Give Nicky's a shot, you won't be disappointed.